Integrated digital flight instrument


CAELI, integrated digital flight instrument

It can be used as a primary (PFD) or as a backup EFIS

For light-sport, ultralight and experimental aircraft

Easy sunlight readable 2.4 inch OLED display

VFR day/night possible

Power consumption below 2 Watts

It weighs only 270g

Fit to standard 80mm cutout (3-1/8”)

Airspeed and altitude from pitot-static system

It consist of 5 instruments

Can be configured for all units which are used in aviation

  • Airspeed (km/h, knots, mph)
  • Altimeter (meter, feet)
  • QNH setting (mbar, in/hg)
  • Vertical speed indicator-vario (m/s, ft/min)
  • Acoustic beeping vertical speed-vario
  • Total energy vertical speed-vario (for gliders)
  • Stall warning
  • Vne warning
  • Airspeed colour marking

Avionics developed and made in Czech Republic

we make it for safest flying


max speed
max altitude
in one instrument
Push knob

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